Thank You For What I've Got Fuck You For What I'm Not

Sono stanca di passare il tempo
ad espiare.
Tra poco mollo tutto.
Sto arrivando in fondo.
O almeno lo spero.

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P. ha detto...

I sing the song in the dark
Cause I'm done in the lock
Of those treasure we've found
When we dug up the ground

I spend the days and the nights
Watching friends and their wives
Me on locked in the songs
Women asked if we were young

My blood froze up in my veins
While you stared at the floor

If I had a gun in my hand
Would I see in the end
Of this life on the rack
Something I could regret

Or would I smile to the world
Leave it when it gets caught
Thank you for what I've got
Fuck you for what I'm not

My blood froze up in my veins
While I stared at the floor

You know some planets are gone
And I plan my escape